What is going on with my police check? Where is my police check?

To view the status of your police check please log into your account.

The status column will list the date it was submitted to the police. The action column will say “No further action required”.

Once submitted to the police, there is nothing we can do to expedite your check. Read the section below about the police checking process.

The action column in my online account says “Continue Check”.

You have not finished your application form. Please click on “Continue Check” and complete the remaining steps. There are 6 steps in our application process and your police check is not submitted to the police until all 6 steps are complete.

The action column says “no further action”.

Is there a big red box that says “resubmit document”. This means there was a problem with your identification documents. Click the big red box and follow the instructions to finalise your identification.

How do I log into my account?

Go to https://check.cleartowork.com.au

Select Log in from far right of screen.

Enter your email address and password.

Click the log in button.

I can’t remember my password.

At the bottom of the log in screen, you will see the words:

If you forgot your password you can reset it.

Click on the words “reset it”. They are blue.

I tried to reset my password but got the message “there is no user with such email”

Either you tried to enter the wrong email address into the password reset link, or you made an error when you entered you email on set up.

Please send an email to info@cleartowork.com.au from the email your registered with so that we can correct your email address in our system.

How long does it take to process a police check?

National Police Check

80%  1 business days

20%  3-12+ business days

Federal Police Checks

15-20 days - results sent by Australia Post only.  Click here to read more about delivery times.

Please NoteOnce submitted to the National Police Checking Service, Clear to Work has NO control over how long they take to process your police check.

Should I contact you if I haven’t received my police check? How do I speed up the process?

No, we cannot speed up the process and neither can any other provider of police checks.

Click here to read more about delivery times.

It has been 2 days - where is my Police Check?

Your police check has been flagged for further review by the National Police Checking Service.

When a police check is submitted to the NPCS, biographic details such as an individual's name and date of birth are checked against a central names index using a matching algorithm. This is to determine if there is a match to any person of interest who may have police history information.

A potential match may be found by the system using the name matching algorithm if an individual shares similar details with other individuals recorded in police systems, particularly if the individual has a common name. The relevant Police Agency that receives the potential match will then manually process the police check to determine if the details are a match or not. If it is a match, the police will make a decision to determine what information is allowed to be released. If it is not a match, the result will be returned with 'no disclosable court outcomes'.

In the majority of cases, the check request is finalised in 10-12 business days.

There is nothing we can do to speed up the process and neither can any other provider of police checks.

Click here to review delivery times.

Please NoteOnce submitted to the National Police Checking Service, Clear to Work has NO control over how long they take to process your police check.

How long is a police check result valid?

There is no standard time frame that a check is valid — a police check is a 'point in time' check, meaning the results only reflect police records on the date that the check is released. The organisation that requires the check will typically determine the acceptable length of time and this can vary.

What is a police check?

The police checks on this site are known as a National Police History Check.

A National Police History Check is a document listing an individual’s disclosable court outcomes. Disclosable court outcome are offences that an individual has pleaded guilty to, or been found guilty of, after trial. If an individual has no disclosable court outcomes, then none will be listed.

A National Police History Check contains disclosable court outcomes from all Australian states or territories. It is not limited to any particular state.  A State Police Check, issued by each state’s police department, contains findings of guilt from that state only. It will not show interstate matters.

National Police History Checks are also known as:

  • National Police Check (NPC)
  • National Criminal History Check
  • National Criminal Record
  • National Criminal Record Check

What information is contained on a National Police History Check?

A National Police History Check  contains all findings of guilt. This is wider than a court conviction. It includes any admission of guilt, good behaviour bonds, community based orders, and suspended sentences.

Certain convictions, such as spent or juvenile convictions, may not be disclosed. A finding of guilt will not expire and will not be removed from your record. However, it may be hidden from your record if it is spent. 

Whether a finding is spent will depend on state and federal legislation. Generally an offence is spent if it is older than 5 years if convicted as a child, or older than 10 years in any other case.

How do I get a police check?

It is very easy and is all online.

  • Click the start button
  • Fill in your basic information
  • Make payment
  • Verify your identity using our online identification system
  • Submit your application

We submit your police check requests to the National Police Checking Service (Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) previously known as CrimTrac) hourly during business hours.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm (Queensland time), excluding National and Queensland public holidays.


How long do you keep police checks for?

All police history information is kept for 3 months. All police history information is destroyed after 3 months.

You are able to obtain a copy of your police check within 3 months. After this, a new police check application will be required.

How long is my check result valid for?

A police check is a ‘point in time’ check, meaning that the results only reflect police records up to the date that the check result is released. There is no standard time frame that a check is valid for; the organisation that requires your check will determine the expiry date.

Is a police check the same as a State Based "Working with Children” Clearance?

No. A google search of “working with children clearance” will provide the list of government providers.

Is a police check the same as an Australian Federal Police (AFP) Clearance?

No. AFP Clearances can only be obtained through the Australian Federal Police.

How much does it cost for a Police Check?

Our prices are on our home page.

Can I dispute the information on my Police Check?

If you believe the information is wrong, please email us at info@cleartowork.com.au with your first name, surname and reference number and as much information as possible including evidence as to why you believe the check is wrong

You cannot dispute police history information provided by us direct with National Police Checking Service or a state based police service.

How do I get my certificate?

You will also receive an SMS notification when your certificate is available for download from your online account.

Your certificate will also be automatically emailed to your email address. You will need to be logged into your account to download the link from the email. This is to protect your privacy.

Can I get a refund?

When you pay for a Police Check through our website, you have read and accepted the refund policy in our terms and conditions:

We do not offer refunds for any of the following:

  • Change of mind (eg no longer needed, found it cheaper somewhere else, etc) after partially or fully completing the application process
  • Choosing the wrong check type and/or reason for check
  • Data entry errors made when you enter your details into the application form
  • Checks already submitted to National Police Checking Service
  • Submissions for checks we are not authorised to process
  • Duplicate submissions
  • Lack of detail provided when you enter your details into the application for a criminal history check
  • False or incorrect information provided for a criminal history check
  • Not completing the online application process
  • Not providing 100 points of ID that has been "certified as true copies"
  • Not returning a signed and dated informed consent form.

We cannot expedite the police check process and do not offer refunds if you do not receive your police check in time for an application you might be lodging. Ensure you allow yourself plenty of time.

This policy is subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement entered into with www.cleartowork.com.au to provide its services.


What Police Checks don't you process?

The National Police Hisoty Check we offer on this site are NOT suitable for any of the following:

  • Queensland Office of Fair Trading (for Real Estate Licenses)
  • SA Department of Transport Driver Accreditation
  • Matchmaking and Dating Sites
  • VicRoads applications
  • Victorian Taxi Directorate
  • Victorian Real Estate License
  • NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Accreditation
  • QLD Department of Commerce Real Estate/Sales Agents
  • Police Recruits
  • Court officials
  • Judges, Magistrates, Jurors, Justices of the Peace
  • Victorian IVF Requirements
  • Overseas Immigration Departments
  • Requirements for Foreign Embassies
  • Personal Insurance Claims
  • Victorian Gaming License


I am getting an "Internal Error" message when trying to verify my identification. What is going on?

You will get this error message if you have entered the wrong information into the id verification system too many times. For security purposes it will lock you out after 3 attempts. Please send email to info@cleartoworkcheck.com.au and we can unlock your account. We will respond within 1 business day.