General information

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is collecting your personal information in this form in order to conduct a National Police History Check (NPHC) on you. It does this through a contractual arrangement with Clear To Work Pty Ltd. ACIC has contractual arrangements with its Accredited Organisations to collect personal information on its behalf to support processes assessing the suitability of people applying for employment, Australian citizenship, appointment to positions of trust, volunteer service or for various licensing or registration schemes. Accredited Organisations and their customers (such as employers) use the personal information collected on this form and the resulting NPHC as part of their assessment process to determine your application. Some Accredited Organisations have a legislative basis for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

ACIC recommends that you seek further information about any relevant/applicable legislative framework from the Accredited Organisation.

In some circumstances, Accredited Organisations may have arrangements with overseas entities for administrative or other purposes. ACIC recommends that you seek further information from Clear To Work Pty Ltd in circumstances where your information is likely to be disclosed to overseas recipients.

Unless statutory obligations require otherwise, the information provided on this form will not be used without your prior consent for any purpose other than in relation to the assessment of your suitability; or to maintain the records of ACIC and police agencies; or for law enforcement purposes. You will be required to complete another consent form for any future NPHCs.

National Police History Check (NPHC)

Information on this form will be used by ACIC and police agencies for checking action; it will also be used to update records held about you by ACIC and police agencies.

ACIC and police agencies will access their records to obtain and disclose Police History Information (PHI) that relates to you to:

  • Clear To Work Pty Ltd

PHI may include outstanding charges, warrant information and criminal convictions/findings/pleas of guilt recorded against you.

PHI is disclosed according to applicable laws of the relevant jurisdiction and, in accordance with the relevant jurisdiction’s information release policies. Applicable laws include but are not limited to spent convictions legislation.

The following links may be helpful in sourcing information on spent convictions in your State/Territory:


New South Wales


South Australia

Victoria Police

Western Australia

Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory


Limitations on accuracy and use of PHI

While every care has been taken by ACIC and police agencies to conduct a search of PHI that relates to the Applicant, the accuracy and quality of an NPHC issued by ACIC depends on accurate identification of the Applicant (including aliases), the comprehensiveness of police records and is based on the information provided in this form. If the Applicant does not complete the information requirements in this form, the success and validity of the NPHC will be compromised. It is in your interest to provide full and complete details in this form.

If for any reason you do not agree with the results of your NPHC, please notify Clear To Work Pty Ltd on

21 Nundah Street, Nundah 4012, so that the NPCS dispute process can be initiated.

Provision of incomplete, false or misleading information

An Accredited Organisation and an Applicant must take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information collected or disclosed is accurate, complete and up to date.

You are asked to certify that the personal information you have provided on this form is correct.

It is a serious offence to provide false or misleading information on your application.