Identification Requirements

When applying for a National Police History Check, you must provide proof of your identity.

You are required to provide 100 points of identification, one of which must be either a passport (Australian or International) or an Australian Drivers License. 



Each document is worth 70 points



The first document is worth 40 points and each additional document is worth 25 points:



Each document is worth 25 points

If relied upon, the following documents must be from different organisations:

Change of Name:

If the 100 Points of ID provided are under two or more different names (e.g. birth certificate in maiden name and driver's license in married name) then further identification documents will need to be provided as evidence of a name change (e.g. Marriage Certificate issued by a State or Territory Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages or Divorce Papers issued by the Family Court).

These documents DO NOT count towards the 100 Points of ID. If you use a change of name document, you must provide the other names you have used in the "Other Names" section of the online application form.