Australian Federal Police Check - Get Started Here

Suitable for Visa, Citizenship, Immigration, Working in Commonwealth facilities and working in the ACT. 
Applicants must be residing in Australia in order to complete a check with us.

Issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

$79.00 inc GST

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1. Complete Online Form

You will need a unique email address not previously used by another customer, all names you have been known by, 5 years of residential address history, date and place of birth and contact details. You must be over 18.

2. Upload ID

100% online. You will need access to a scanner or a mobile device with a camera to upload your identification documents and your face photo. .jpg or .png files only. NO PDF FILES.

Check the identification requirements page for identification required.

3. Receive your Police Check

We have no control on the turnaround time of an Australian Federal Police Checks. 

Please ensure you have checked the exclusions page to ensure the police check we offer is valid for your purpose. We do not offer a refund if our check is not valid for your purpose.

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