National Police Check

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Check type and Purpose

There are five (5) steps to complete your police check application:

  1. Start police check – create new account
  2. Payment 
  3. Complete your details (current and former addresses, current and former names, etc.)  
  4. Select and verify your identification documents 
  5. Sign and submit your application 

Once all five (5) steps have been completed, your application and identification are manually reviewed by our compliance team and then submitted to the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) or Australian Federal Police (AFP) (depending on the check type you have selected). Please note, we have no control over the response times once your check is submitted to NPCS or AFP.


Important Note:

You must complete your police check application within 28 days of payment.

Please note that if you do not complete your application within this timeframe, your application will be cancelled. This timeframe includes, without limitation, where we have requested further information from you, and you fail to respond. You will forfeit any sum paid to Clear to Work for the application. Clear to Work is released from all claims and any obligations to provide the police check in connection with that application.