Before ordering a National Police History Check or Federal Police Check, Clear to Work (CTW) highly recommends consulting with the relevant industry body, organisation or employer to determine the type of check they will accept.

Applicants must ensure they are purchasing the correct police check. CTW does not offer a refund to persons who have purchased the wrong type of police check.

CTW is not required to provide a refund for persons who have changed their mind after partially or fully completing the application process. Refunds are also not provided for the following:

  • The check is no longer needed
  • Found it cheaper somewhere else
  • Employer wants to pay for the check after the applicant already paid for it
  • If you have a single name, meaning that if your name is not in the common First, Middle, and Last Name format and you choose to proceed with a check application
  • If you are under the age of 18 and unable to complete the check application
  • If you are currently overseas (not in Australia) and are unable to complete your application
  • Employer/relevant industry body or organisation wants the applicant to use a specific provider
  • Selection of the wrong check type and/or check reason
  • Data entry errors made by the applicant when entering their details into the application form or the document verification service
  • Not providing the necessary or correct ID as per the minimum ID requirements, including not providing a selfie photo – Click here to view the ID requirements
  • Not being able to provide .jpg or .png images of identification documents
  • Checks already submitted to National Police Checking Service or Australian Federal Police
  • Submissions for checks Clear to Work are not authorised to process – Click here to read the list
  • Duplicate submissions of police check applications
  • Lack of detail provided by the applicant when providing details for the application for a criminal history check
  • False/incorrect information provided in the application for a criminal history check
  • Not thoroughly completing the online application process
  • Applications that have not been completed by the applicant within 28 days of purchase
  • Applicants who do not retrieve their check from our system within 90 days (checks and ID documentation expire and are destroyed after 90 days)

CTW cannot expedite the police check process and do not offer refunds if you do not receive your police check in time for an application you might be lodging. Ensure you allow yourself plenty of time.

This policy is subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement entered into with Clear to Work Pty. Ltd. to provide its services.

Police check applicants are also held to the Behavioural Expectations Policy If an applicant is found non-compliant to this policy, a refund may not be provided.

If you feel your reason for requiring a refund falls outside of those listed above, please email our friendly support team at to be considered for a refund. Kindly include your first name, surname, date of birth, a reference number (if you have it) and a brief description of why you require a refund. Your claim will be assessed by our team and you will be advised the outcome via email in five business days. In some cases, your case may be escalated to the Clear to Work executive management team for consideration.

All refunds incur a $9.50 incl. GST administration fee.