Identification Requirements

ACIC has adopted the standards of the National Identity Security Strategy, particularly concerning the acceptability of proof of identity documents.

National Police History Check

You must provide four (4) documents with your completed form to confirm your identity:

  • One (1) commencement document to confirm your birth in Australia or arrival in Australia
  • One (1) primary 
  • Two (2) secondary documents to show the use of your identity in the community

The documentation you provide must include evidence of your full name and date of birth and a photograph of you. The commencement and primary documents provided must include a photo of you.

You will need access to a scanner or a mobile device with a camera to upload your ID documents.

At least 1 ‘Commencement of Identity’ document

  1. Full Australian birth certificate (not an extract or birth card)
  2. Current Australian passport (current, can be accepted up to two (2) years expired)
  3. Australian Citizenship Certificate
  4. Current passport issued by a country other than Australia with a valid entry stamp or visa
  5. ImmiCard issued by the Department of Home Affairs

At least 1 ‘Primary Use in the Community’ document

  1. Current Australian drivers licence, learner permit or provisional licence issued by a state or territory, showing a signature and photo
  2. Current passport issued by a country other than Australia (not expired)
  3. Current Proof of Age Card
  4. Current shooters or firearms licence showing a signature and photo (not minor or junior permit or licence)

At least 2 ‘Secondary Use in the Community’ documents

  1. Medicare Card
  2. Debit/credit card
  3. Bank statement
  4. Australian Tertiary Student Photo ID
  5. Working with Children/Vulnerable People Card
  6. Australian Trade Association Card
  7. Australian Private Health Insurance Card
  8. Australian utility bill
  9. Foreign/international driver’s licence
  10. Security guard or crowd control photo licence
  11. Department of Veterans’ Affairs Card
  12. Electoral roll registration
  13. Consular photo identity card issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  14. Police force photo identity card
  15. Aviation security identification card
  16. Maritime security identification card
  17. Credit reference check 


When applying for a Federal Police Check, you must provide proof of your identity. You are required to provide 100 points of identification, one of which must be either a passport (Australian or international) or an Australian driver’s licence.

Category A

Each document is worth 70 points:

  • Australian Passport (current, or expired within the previous two years, but not cancelled)
  • International passport (current with a valid VISA/VEVO)
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate


An Australian Driver’s Licence is worth 40 points and each additional document listed is worth 25 points:

  • Drivers Licence – ACT
  • Drivers Licence – NSW
  • Drivers Licence – NT
  • Drivers Licence – QLD
  • Drivers Licence – SA
  • Drivers Licence – TAS
  • Drivers Licence – VIC
  • Drivers Licence – WA
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card
  • Current Tertiary Education Photo ID
  • Defence Force Identity card (w. photo or signature)
  • Government employee ID (Australian Federal/State/Territory)
  • Aviation Security Identification Card/Maritime Security Identification Card, security industry card.


Each document is worth 25 points:

  • Foreign/international driver’s licence
  • Medicare Card
  • Credit/debit card
  • Bank statement/passbook
  • Property Lease Agreement – current address
  • Australian Taxation Assessment notice
  • Australian mortgage documents
  • Rating Authority – e.g., Land Rates
  • Utility bill (e.g., telephone, gas, electricity, water)

Change of Name:

If the ID you provide is under two or more different names (e.g., birth certificate in maiden name and driver’s license in married name), proof of name change documents will need to be provided as evidence of name change.

Change of name documentation can be any of the following:

  • Change of name certificate issued by Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Australian marriage certificate issued by a state/territory Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (church or celebrant-issued certificates are not accepted)
  • Deed Poll

These documents DO NOT count towards the required documentation outlined for each check type above. If you use a change of name document, you must provide the other names you have used in the ‘Other Names’ section of the online application form.


All Identity Documents Provided Must be Current & Valid

Please note that all identification documents that you provide to complete your police check application must be current and valid. The only exception to this is an Australian Passport which can be expired up to two years. 

Gentle reminder that if you proceed with your police check application and you do not have the identity requirements outlined above and are unable to complete your application as a result, we will be unable to provide a refund. 


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